Flights resume in Rinas airport after strike dispersal and replacement of air traffic controllers

08/04/2021 18:20

24 hours after the blocking of flights at Mother Teresa Airport as a result of a strike by air traffic controllers, the Ministry Belinda Balluku said that flights have resumed.

A Turkish government plane landed in Tirana today after replacing the air control personnel at Rinas airport.

A Top Channel source told that the controllers are from Turkey and arrived last night from Podgorica in Tirana.

The unprecedented situation of the blockade of Mother Teresa Airport by the strike of controllers was resolved after an urgent meeting of the Civil Defense Committee, according to which the airport was considered critical infrastructure.

This committee gave the power to the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku to make the air traffic control operational, even by replacing, if necessary, the personnel with new domestic or foreign controllers.

Top Channel