Expelled for 10 days from the National Assembly, Ralf Gjoni: An ominous plan to approve the electoral reform

27/05/2020 15:52

Democratic opposition MP Ralf Gjoni said he would never keep quiet before injustice and corruption, following a 10-day ban from parliament plenary sessions.

He issued strong accusations against the majority and the non-parliamentary opposition, while talking about an “electoral reform ominous plan that is being prepared for approval”.

“I wanted to discuss the issue that was raised with me by civil society, as is the Respublica center, which has requested information on the demolition of the National Theater. The commissioner has decided not to exercise his duty properly but I will not shut up.

“I will not stop shouting in that parliament. Crimes and corruption are hidden in the shadow of what is happening. I have suspicions that an ominous plan is being prepared, to be passed as a draft, a lousy draft, in order to bypass the electoral reform commission. The plan is to pass it very quickly, in cooperation with the ‘road opposition’,” he said.

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