Exclusive/ Rinas airport is required to halve tariffs after auditing report

04/02/2020 16:58

An independent expert who audited Rinas airport concession contract has recommended that the Albanian government immediately halve all the Rinas airport tariffs.

An exclusive report from Top Channel on the economic audit of the Rinas airport concession contract by the BDO agency, states that the concessionary company Tirana International Airport has so far acquired 84m euros more than the baseline scenario of the 2004 contract.

This automatically entitles the government to claim 100 percent of this money. The audit report states that the best way to proceed is a combination of two measures; a 50 per cent reduction in all airport charges, the concessionaire’s obligation to make an additional investment of €36 million by 2027 when the concession terminates.

Currently each passenger departing from Rinas pays 40 euros airport taxes, integrated in the ticket price, which is cashed in by the airport concessionaire.

The independent auditor has suggested that this fee be reduced immediately to 20 euros, which would consequently be reflected in lowering ticket prices and bringing more flight operators to the Rinas airport. The economic audit of the airport concession was launched in summer 2018, following a joint order from the then ministers of infrastructure and finance, Damian Gjiknuri and Arben Ahmetaj respectively.

The international auditing agency BDO completed the audit in January last year, but for a year this issue has been left in silence and Albanian citizens continue to unfairly pay at least 20 euros for each departure from Rinas.

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