EU supports the Tirana summit for a single market, without borders and barriers in the Western Balkans

10/06/2021 19:57

The Balkans’ ‘Mini-Schengen’ initiative, for free movement and trade in the region, is expected to be led by the European Union but under a different name.

The leaders of the 6 Western Balkan countries, now including Kosovo, unified their positions today in Tirana on the Berlin initiative, in a project that was blessed by Brussels with 30 billion euros in investments.

Eu commissioner Varhely stated: But this plan is not going to work if the region itself is not functioning as a whole, if we do not have a single regional market, it makes no sense to build highways if all the transport vehicles stop at border points betweenborders, say every 100 kilometers. It does not make sense to work for railways if the trains will also face difficulties, or new trade routes, in case there will have to be 6 different types of certificates for the goods or different taxes for these types of goods.”

Albanian Prime Minister Rama was at the summit and in a meeting with EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhely, stated: “It is the EU that decides this matter because we move in their yard, we are better than them in terms of coronavirus health, but in their yard it is they who speak”.

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