Electoral reform, Hajdari: I proposed the law on referendums, Basha mustn’t fall into Rama’s arms

26/05/2020 15:55

Rudina Hajdari of the “new” DP parliamentary opposition expressed reservations about the new election time bands agreed by the parties as according to her, they close the door to the diaspora.

“What happened today was an agreement on some very unimportant issues, a new election time band on which the protagonists discussed the atmospheric features and the election weather. If we change the election dates we close the door to the diaspora, they are not giving them the right to vote, and now they also remove the favorable time bands. We close the door to the diaspora twice. I expressed my reservations.”

Hajdari also called on opposition DP head Basha, to accept the law on referendums and change the system, and not go into the arms of Edi Rama.

“Apart from the long-standing proposal that the opposition has raised on the issue of changing the electoral system, so that the citizens vote for the candidate they want, today we took an even more important step, we proposed the law on referendums, so that the citizen has greater decision-making power. If this were here today we would not have had the demolition of the National Theater. This will be discussed next week.
I call on Basha to support the law on referendums and system change, as they aspire to a democratic Albania. Basha should no longer go to Rama’s arms in supporting these two proposals.

The referendum law is supported by activists and every Democrat. Whenever Basha has difficulties, he goes into Rama’s arms. This time don’t do it anymore, it’s not a time for bargaining anymore”.

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