Durres promenade with no sea scent / Smell of sewage at central Taulantia area

21/08/2020 15:29

One year after the completion of the World Bank investment in Durres to avoid the discharge of polluted water along the coastal promenade “Taulantia” up to the Currila area, there is still raw water waste flowing into the Adriatic.

This pipeline, at the entrance of the “Taulantia” promenade in Durrës, for years has been flowing into the sea, even though now in somewhat smaller quantities.

In an official reaction, Durrës Water Supply and Sewerage states that the sea is completely clean. “All sewage discharges, which were mainly caused by restaurants located along the coastline of this area, have been closed and through the new network are sent to the water treatment plant in Shënavlash.”

Meanwhile, regarding this particular pipeline which continues to overflow and smells of unpleasant odors of pollution, the unit explains that in a good part of the coastal city the sewage flows along with rain water, so when there is a downpour they are full and some of them are discharged into the sea to avoid floodings.

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