Durrës earthquake victims protest the disqualification from repair funds

29/06/2020 15:52

Dozens of citizens disqualified from the list of grant beneficiaries for the reconstruction from the devastating November 2019 earthquake, have gathered in front of the municipality of Durres to appeal the decision.

On Friday, the Durres City Council approved the list of 6,255 citizens who will benefit from the grant to repair ‘DS1-DS3’ level damage to earthquake-damaged homes. At the same time, the list of the unqualified persons for various reasons was published, who can in turn appeal the decision within 7 days.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have come here to get an answer, but with this mess, we do not know if we will succeed. There is also a problem with the computer system. They need to open other offices to cope with the influx. The deadline will end… Who were those that decided to include us in the DS2 level ?! Injustice is being done”, says one of the protesters.

Concerned by the disqualification and the short time limit for the appeal, citizens have forgotten to respect coronavirus safeguards, especially physical distance, as they stand in line to file their complaint.

“Someone is left out of the list and someone else is put in. Someone is granted property when he has no property. See what happens there? We also have the concern of coronavirus and it is an infectious crowd, we are afraid to approach there. There are others who have not yet arrived. The problem must be solved,” said another protester.

After applying to “My Home” application and reviewing the files, many applicants were disqualified from the preliminary list for various reasons. The mentioned reasons for the disqualification were the ownership of another apartment, the lack of complete documentation, the application more than once for the same apartment, as well as the application for damages in business units.

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