Durrës city and coast full of litter and building waste, tourist areas also affected

05/03/2021 18:45

Although the legal framework is good and complete, Albania to this day has not a solution to urban waste management.

The collapse and destruction due to the 2019 earthquake, has highlighted the problem that our country has with inert waste management. Here we are in the coastal village of Hamallaj in Durrës.

We see such images in almost all 12 districts of the country. Ironically, luxury villas and resorts are being built next to them, where perhaps live the politicians who decide on our environmental protection strategies.

“The bins that were here were removed and we do not know where they were taken. They all throw the garbage here, even from the luxury villas. People used to come and rest in the shade of the pine trees. Now you cannot stay here,” said one resident.

“The waste has not been cleaned for two months. We know they are the residents of the resort, we know them. They are people in power. Some of them throws the garbage through their car window. They have the bins there inside the resort, but they throw the garbage here.”

“It simply came to our notice then. Now with the arrival of spring a wind blows. There is also those who collect cans and tear up the garbage bags. We throw our waste in those two bins a little further. The state knows what is happening here.”

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