DP’s Basha: Rama terrified by the political rotation, the June 5th agreement has been violated

10/07/2020 16:15

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, at the press conference regarding the latest political developments in the country, has made accusations against Prime Minister Edi Rama, saying that he is terrified because his power is coming to an end.

Basha also added that the June 5 agreement has been violated, although Rama says he is in favor of open electoral lists.

Basha has stated that Rama does not really like the open lists, and does not agree with the depoliticization of the elections administration.

“Rama’s horror and anxiety have long been manifested in his language and actions. Today it reached the climax. Edi Rama has broken the June 5 agreement today, which would have met a condition for opening negotiations. We as the opposition have done everything to reach a consensual agreement. It was not what we wanted but the minimum out of Edi Rama’s state. He is in panic and his anxiety dictates the behavior of the negotiators at the table, as well as his many lies today.

“The EP demanded an investigation and the prosecution of those who sold and bought votes. When he realized that he could not include militants in the commission, Rama withdrew. Today he controls the government, half the parliament, the municipalities, the police, the tenders, the PPP everything in the country, and is terrified of the elections”.

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