DP’s Basha from Durrës: We will not recognize the result of the April 25 elections

11/05/2021 19:30

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, after losing the elections, said today in the meetings with the electorate in Durres that he will not recognize the result of the April 25 elections.

“April 25 was an electoral massacre where the will of the voters was altered by the organized crime, the vote buying and the merging the state with the party. It is as clear as this shining sun, that this result will never be recognized, and whoever thinks that April 25 is the end of our battle, is wrong.

“Our battle continues and will continue until the overthrow of the Rama-Doshi regime,” said Basha, among other things.

“The legal battle has just started in the appeal bodies of the Central Election Commission”, added Lulzim Basha.

“This is a challenge for the new justice system, this is a challenge for the electoral institutions where yesterday the requests were filed in 9 constituencies, as well as those for re-voting in 9 constituencies. It is the same with the CEC and the KAS who by order of Edi Rama made the ballot papers invalid.

“But we will document the evidence of the electoral massacre until the end, and we will continue our battle in every space and by all means”, said Basha.

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