Digital Commissariat adds 2 new options, PM Rama: Police react to the complaint with one click

22/07/2021 15:09

The State Police has opened a new category in the Digital Commissariat application where any citizen can report violence, accidents, illegal constructions, corruption, theft or illegal possession of weapons.

The novelty of this category is the opportunity given to the whistleblower to communicate online with the police operator.

In the video published by the Prime Minister Edi Rama, details are given on how the application works with 8 columns in total, where the whistleblowers will be kept completely anonymous, but will receive personalized answers.

“The Digital Commissariat has in the main menu two main sections with recent updates, 8 in total which include wrongful accident, illegal construction, corruption, theft, illegal possession of weapons, violence, complaint and environmental crime. To the application that is downloaded for free, 2 other options of illegalities have been added; Domestic Violence and Environmental Crime. There is also a detailed section with “Ask the Digital Commissariat” which will work via hashtag and tag options”.

The head of government adds that this application will also monitor the reaction of the State Police to the complaint or request of citizens.

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