Denunciations in the Assembly on tenders / Minister Lleshaj: I invite you to knock on the prosecutor’s office

29/07/2020 15:16

Democratic Party opposition MP Myslim Murrizi, denounced today in parliament the abuses of power in times of pandemics and specifically a uniforms’ tender that was conducted by the Ministry of Interior.

Murrizi said it is a tender worth 23 million euros, which according to him was reduced in number of items procured but not in its figure. He called on the special anti-corruption unit SPAK to investigate the abuses.

“No matter how much action you take against businesses, no matter how much you stop music, this is empty propaganda. Not everyone has the millions or has benefited from this covid, like the tender people. There are 200 thousand farming families in Albania, how much money did they receive? Tell me! Did you give them any money, even though their products were buried in the canals?! To whom did you give the money?

“The greed in this pandemic time is unstoppable. I have a tender of the Ministry of Interior, 23 million euros for uniforms. The value is not low, but the quantity of products was reduced to 89 thousand less units. Not everyone in this hall, even from the SP, is equally tainted with public money. As there are also honest people. I invite SPAK to deal with the thieves whose eyes are blinded in this time of cholera “, said Myslym Murrizi.

Minister Sander Lleshaj responded by inviting the opposition MP to knock on the prosecutor’s office, refusing to deal with the case.

“Mr. Murrizi, if you took heed to the second part of your speech, I would also agree that the issues you address should be dealt with by those who have professionally to deal with then, which are the prosecutors. You decided to first make the prosecutor yourself, then asked for the intervention of the Prosecution. I am telling you something, quite simply, all those things that you quoted here, I do not comment because I do not know, because I do not deal with any figures, with any tender, with any firm.

“But I would simply invite you not to make an invitation to the Prosecution, a public, rhetorical, political invitation, but I will tell you the address of the Prosecution office! Go and knock there “, said Minister Sander Lleshaj

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