Declaration of assets, Albanian PM promises amnesty for all Albanians except politicians, judges and criminals

29/02/2020 19:22

Socialist head Edi Rama announced today from the party congress that there will be an amnesty for all Albanians at home and abroad who have worked informally, inviting them to declare their assets, but there will be exceptions.

“We will have a general amnesty so that all money and assets are declared. Immigrants can no longer keep money abroad because when they return, will be asked where they found them. Those who do not have money from crime, or are politicians, judges, prosecutors and entities, will be the first to be held accountable, starting from myself. I believe this will enable us to push the economy even further. When the deadline expires who does not declare it will be held accountable. We will introduce the element that all the wealth of the Albanians to be declared here, as in any other country in the world. The Albanian state should know, and has the right to pursuit you to the end of the world, if you have a house or property that you have not declared”, stated Rama.

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