Critical flood situation after downpour in Vlora, Durrës and Elbasan

26/01/2021 16:13

The situation in parts of Albania remains problematic due to the heavy rains of recent days.

In Mifol of Vlora during the night the level of the river Vjosa reached 7.5 meters. In Përmet, Memaliaj and Mifol it is expected that the water level will go up to 6.00 meters.

During the night there were evacuations of some families due to the inflows of the Vjosa River. In Fier, overnight rains have created minor problems on agricultural land along the Vjosa River bed, in the villages of Kashisht-Kafaraj-Cerven in Frrakull.

As a result of getting out of bed, 36 hectares of land in the village of Çerven were flooded during the night.

Crossing on road axes is not a problem with the exception of the old axis Fier – Ballsh in “Kthesat e Visoka”, in which work is being done.

The region of Durrës continues to face the consequences of the floods of the previous day. At least 11 families from Katundi i Ri, Sukthi and Shijak are reported to have been evacuated because their homes are under water.

27 people are sheltered in the premises of the Holiday Home of the Ministry of Interior in the Plepa area in Durres.

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