COVID-19 update/ Reduced number of infections, 9 losses of life in the last 24 hours

25/01/2021 19:29

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection appealed today (25.01.2021) to the citizens not to reduce their vigilance and to continue to apply the anti-COVID measures.

Authorities added that they have conducted 1918 tests of which 538 citizens resulted positive for Covid-19.

Confirmed positive cases were identified in the following municipalities: 208 cases in Tirana, 39 cases in Durrës, 36 cases in Lushnje, 28 cases in Vlora, 27 cases in Fier, 20 cases in Elbasan, 18 cases in Shkodra, 19 cases in Mirdita, and in smaller numbers in other districts.

In the last 24 hours, 401 citizens have been cured, while in 4 COVID hospitals, 282 patients are being treated, out of which 19 in intensive therapy.

Despite the efforts of the medical staff, 9 citizens lost the battle with COVID19 in the COVID hospitals; 3 citizens from Tirana, 2 women from Durrës, 2 men from Librazhd, 1 citizen from Kurbin, and 1 citizen from Lushnja, all aged 29-84.

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