Covid-19 update, Health Ministry: 3 dead, 69 new cases and 25 recovered in the last 24 hours

30/06/2020 15:07

3 citizens have lost the battle with Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

The health Ministry announced that a 44-year-old woman from Durrës, a 71-year-old patient from Tirana and another 85-year-old patient also from Tirana have lost their life to the desease. All 3 patients had concomitant diseases and could not survive due to aggravation of health condition, despite intensive treatment by medical staff.

There are still hospitalizations in the infectious disease hospital where 79 patients are currently being treated, 7 of them in intensive care, while 3 are intubated.

Meanwhile, tests have continued at the Virology Laboratory at the IPH and during the last 24 hours 371 tests have been performed, of which 69 positive cases have been confirmed.

The geographical distribution of cases is as follows: 23 in Tirana, 10 cases in Durrës, 10 in Kruja, 6 in Vlora, 5 in Mat, out of 4 cases in Kurbin, Kamëz, out of 2 cases in Shkodra, Fier, Kavaja, 1 in Lushnje.

Despite the positively identified daily cases, the good news is that in the last 24 hours 25 citizens have recovered, bringing to 1459 the number of cured since the beginning of the epidemic.

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