Covid-19, prosecuted positive 22-year-old who broke-quarantine by visiting her parents

07/07/2020 15:25

Lushnja police prosecuted a citizen for breaking the coronavirus self-quarantine by leaving the house.

The structures of Fier Police Directorate have continued occasional checks on the homes of those affected by COVID-19, in order to control the observance of self-isolation, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

During the checks exercised yesterday, the specialists for the Investigation of Crimes in the Lushnja Police Station prosecuted the citizen MH, 22 years old, resident in Lushnja, because during the checks exercised by the Police she was not found in her apartment, having gone instead to her parents house in the village of Kashtëbardhë.

The police got in touch with this citizen in the apartment of her parents in Kashtëbardhë and all the contacts were communicated not to leave the apartment.

Fier Police appeals to all citizens to respect social distancing, premises and businesses to respect security protocols, those affected by COVID-19 must respect self-guarantee, making it possible for all together to contribute to preventing the spread of COVID -19.

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