Covid-19; Durrës court to remain closed until November 20th

14/11/2020 16:51

The court of Durrës decided to extend time line of suspension of its activity and services until November 20 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was envisaged that the judges and other employees of the Durrës court would return to work on Monday, but the situation of infections will continue to keep the doors of the court closed.

“In the Durrës Judicial District Court it has resulted that some of the judges and employees of the judicial administration have been infected by COVID – 19. Found in this extraordinary pandemic situation, the Court Council, with decision no. 45, dated 04.11.2020 , decided to suspend the activity and judicial services in the Court of the Durrës Judicial District from 05.11.2020 to 16.11.2020 ”, it is stated, among other things, in the court announcement.

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