Court leaves in detention the abusers, the minor: School doorman has abused two other girls

02/06/2020 16:04

Abaz Doga, a former school doorman accused of sexually abusing a schoolgirl, is suspected of pushing another boy minor to do the same. The latter is suspected along with other one to have blackmailed the girl with graphic videos and photos.

Abaz Doga removed his palms from covering his face only after the media left the hall and the process continued behind closed doors due to sensitive data. He looked the judge in the eye and confirmed his generalities, then stated “I did not use violence against her.”

The minor victim confessed that in addition to her, the school doorman has abused two other schoolgirls, a version that is opposed by Doga.

The juvenile’s lawyer who represents the rights of the victim, also participated in the trial. The lawyer was present when the minor was questioned by the police and indicated that everything started in March 2019, when the guard threatened her and that in May 2019 he had written her name all over the neighborhood.

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