Cheating foreigners in hotels; 3 arrested in Durrës for bank card cloning

27/05/2020 15:36

Three citizens were detained in Durrës for illegally cloning bank cards, mainly of foreign citizens, benefiting an amount of about 84 000 euros.

After several months of investigation, convincing evidence was provided for the criminal activity of 3 citizens, for whom the Prosecution ordered the detention.

B. G., 43 years old, S. G., 24 years old and M. B., 31 years old, resident in Durrës were arrested as the investigations showed that in cooperation with each other, have benefited from the amount of 84,000 euros, through bank cards cloning , deceiving foreign citizens who made tourist reservations in hotels.
The procedural materials in charge of these citizens will be forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of First Instance of Durrës, for further procedural actions, for the criminal offense “Computer fraud”.

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