Charity on Independence Day; Migrant from Sweden returns to helps 7 families in poverty

28/11/2020 15:27

In the Zero family in the village of Seman, 15-year-old Sara has dropped out of school in the fifth grade, as she has to tend to her paralyzed mother. The family lives in extreme conditions but this new year will be celebrated there only thanks to the generosity of an Albanian migrant living in Sweden.

Every Christmas Eve, Julian Skënderaj returns home to help poor families. The Hena family in the village of Grykë in Fier was also filled with gifts thanks to the help of the generous migrant.

This was one of the 7 families that Julian Skënderaj and his brother helped in the villages of Fier. A few months ago, they also helped with the reconstruction of an elderly woman’s house in Durrës, and say they will not stop there.

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