CEC certifies elections’ results in all constituencies, complaints from Vetvendosje Party

04/05/2021 19:46

The CEC has approved the election results in all 12 districts of the country, for the 140 deputies that will constitute the new parliament emerging from the April 25 elections.

In today’s meeting, the results were approved district by district, for 11 of them, except Kukes, whose result was approved a few days ago.

CEC head Ilirjan Celibashi said that political parties have 5 days to file their complaints to the Complaints and Sanctions Commission.

Vetvendosje (VV) candidate Bojken Abazi raised complaints about irregularities during the election process, mentioning the obstruction of himself and VV observers from entering the premises where the votes were counted. He also added that the film footage requested by them is nod made available.

“Starting with the observation of the process, our observers have been impeded, I have been prevented from entering the counting centers. There are many invalid ballot sheets in Tirana. We have made public the footage on this. While the images of the security cameras we requested have not been made available”, said among others Abazi.


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