Bulgarian PM receives PM Rama in Sofia: We do not hinder Albania’s EU membership, Bulgarian minority, a bridge between two peoples

08/06/2021 21:55

Prime Minister Edi Rama was in Sofia tonight where he met with his Bulgarian counterpart, Stefan Janev.

The latter received the Albanian counterpart in optimistic words for the resolution of issues between the two parties.

“We discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, although we do not have aggravated issues that need serious discussion. Our relations are in the interest of the peoples of the two countries. We drew attention to the Bulgarian national minority in Albania which enjoys an excellent presence and is the best bridge between the two peoples, our compatriots are integrated and developed.

“For the Bulgarian and Albanian states, there are opportunities for better relations. We have no differences, we have similarities in the main themes. Albania should not think that Bulgaria is hindering its accession to the EU. We have bilateral issues to resolve that can only be resolved on a bilateral basis. The need for foreign intervention is not a good idea because the discussion is between the two countries,” said among other things Bulgarian Prime Minister Janev.

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