Albanian police arrest Tajikistani terrorist in Tirana

30/04/2020 15:01

The man in the picture is 24 years old Komrom Zukhurov, originally from Tajikistan, who was handcuffed by the police on Wednesday evening, on the Boulevard ‘Zogu i Parë’ in Tirana.

He was internationally wanted by a federal court in Karlsruher, Germany, on suspicion of being a member and participant in a foreign terrorist organization, and establishing a terrorist cell in Germany to commit jihad on behalf of ISIS.

Top Channel sources state that the 24-year-old had entered our country through Rinas airport, on February 17.

While in Tirana the suspect allegedly lived with his acquaintances, including some from Tajikistan.

Komron Zukhurov is part of the terrorist group five members of which were arrested by German police on April 15 in Berlin.

They had planned to carry out attacks on individuals critical towards Islam, and had also planned to carry out terrorist attacks on US military bases in Germany. Object of their attacks, according to the German prosecution, was also Tajikistan, their country of origin.

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