55 thousand fast tests, Manastirliu in “Qyteti Studenti” in Tirana: Vaccine through COVAX, in February

25/01/2021 16:47

 The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu inspected today the rapid coroanvirus testing point in the health center of “Qyteti i Studenteve” in Tirana, where she stated that so far over 55 thousand rapid tests have been performed throughout the country.

“We have opened 51 rapid testing points in the community throughout the country. And it is one of the successes of our strategy, as there are no more delays in performing the test.”

“The test is performed through online booking with the family doctor. To date, with the inclusion of rapid antigen testing, more than 55,000 rapid tests have been performed at these 51 test points across the country.”

“Without forgetting that we are continuing with the classic testing, ie that of PCR in all our structures “, said Manstirliu.

During the inspection Manastirliu said that the health structures are on increased alert, due to the situation in Europe of cases of the new variant of the coronavirus.

“Currently in Albania we do not have confirmation of cases with the new version of covid19, but we must be vigilant to catch cases in time. We continue to be on increased alert as the increased number of cases, although it is a steady increase, puts us on increased vigilance, but the same vigilance is required by citizens.

“The war is still going on and we are still in the middle of the battle,” said Manstirliu.

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