17-year-old girl dies in Velipoja beach after jetski accident, arrested 25-year-old man driving with her

20/08/2020 15:22

Today on the Velipoja beach, 17-year-old Enisa Doda from Burreli lost her life as a result of a tragic, still unclear accident, while riding a water motor vehicle, while a 25-year-old man who was riding with her was detained.

Police said that around 14:00, in a place called Vilu, on the Velipoja beach, Shkodra, the 25-year-old entered the sea with a rented water motorcycle together with the victim.

Around 16:30, this citizen came ashore without a water motor, having left drowning, the 17-year-old who had come for vacation with her family.
According to the forensic examination it turned out that the girl had signs of violence.

The girl was found dead by fishermen, 700-800 meters from the sea shore in a place called “Vilun”. According to the detained Indrit Bajraktari, the girl slipped from the boat and drowned. He adds that he does not remember what happened next.

The materials were forwarded to the Shkodra Prosecutor’s Office for actions on the criminal offenses “Causing suicide”, “Failure to report a crime” and “Actions that hinder the discovery of the truth”.

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