Vetting process dismisses police director who did not submit the property declaration form

30/05/2023 15:46

The vetting process in the State Police, after a long period of pause, has eliminated a senior police officer. On May 24, the assessment body headed by Suela Baluku decided to dismiss the director of the Lezhëa police, Vehbi Bushati, after the latter had not submitted the forms for declaration of assets, cleanliness of figure and professional skills.

This decision announced on May 24 will be communicated to the General Police Directorate within 15 days.

Top Channel inquired with the State Police and it learned that the Lezha police director had in fact submitted his file to the vetting commission since the process started in 2018.

But for the periodic evaluation of police officers, a new instruction came out when the process was to be carried out by the police supervision agency, and therefore the file had to be sent again, which the director of Lezha did not do, regardless of the official notices sent by the commission.

Against this decision, an appeal is allowed within 45 days from the date of notification, which is done at the Administrative Court of First Instance in Tirana.

Top Channel