Venice: Problem with laws, implementation

06/09/2011 20:00

The General Secretary of the Commission of Venice, Thomas Market,
declared that the electoral reform which tops the list of the EU
recommendations for Albania should not have only good rules, but also
good implementation.

During an interview for the Albanian Deutsche Welle, Markert confirmed that the Albanian authorities have taken in consideration the former recommendations of the Commission, and for this reason, Albania’s electoral legislation generally fulfills EU standards.

The main problem for Albania, according to him, is the behavior of the candidates with each other.

For Markert, this is a typical culture of young democracies like Albania.

“It’s not enough having good rules, but they must be implemented with correctness”, he declares.

Markert reminded the need for new Electoral Code adaptations, for responding to special situations and for clarifying some rules, taking in consideration the recent local elections and the last central elections of 2009.

Experts from the Commission of Venice have started to study different documents regarding the Elections of 2009 and those of May 8th.

A delegation from the Commission of Venice is expected to come in Albania by the end of October, for identifying the problems and for scrutinizing all possible solutions.

“It is up to the Albanians to implement the recommendations and the solutions proposed by the Commission of Venice. But it is very important for the process to be all inclusive and based on a wide political consensus”, Markert adds.

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