UEFA: “Skenderbeu” fixed more than 50 matches. Former Minister of Finances, Bode, involved

09/09/2016 00:00

The match fix scandal of Skenderbeu, which was left outside the
Champions League for one year, has suddenly taken other proportions.
UEFA published recently the names of club officials who have ties with
betting companies.

The UEFA Discipline and Ethics says Skenderbeu has manipulated more than 50 matches in the past years.

The report mentions the name of the former Minister of Finances, Ridvan Bode, financier of the Korca Club. He and the current club President, Ardijan Takaj, and former President, Agim Zeqo, are the main figures of this club and who have ties with betting companies.

The UEFA report writes that Skenderbeu has been involved in more than 50 fixings of national and international matches during the past 6 years, five of which in the Champions League, two in the Europa League, 41 from the Albanian Superleague, the Cup of Albania, and even for six friendly matches.

The report says the former Minister and financier of the Korca club, Ridvan Bode, is a person with questioned integrity after the privatization of the National Lottery and also for hiding the national debt.

It writes that Bode may have fixed Skenderbeu’s matches against Dinamo, the year when Skenderbeu was mysteriously saved from dropping out of category.

The report also mentions the matches between Skenderbeu and Shkumbini, the main donator of which is Dashnor Sula. Sula’s friendship with Bode comes as they are Parliament Members of the same political force.

Two matches played by Skenderbeu against this club were caught by BFDS, the institution that monitors match fixing with an electronic algorithm. The decision confirms that unfortunately there are no doubts that matches have been fixed.

Top Channel contacted with the Prosecution General and the Korca Prosecution. The latter said they have no competence on the case, while the PG said they are looking into the details but it is still unknown if they will open an investigation.

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