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Lajm i fundit/ Udhëhoqi sulmin në veri të Kosovës, Serbia arreston Milan Radojçiç
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Kosova ende nuk ka kërkuar ekstradimin
Mediat serbe shkruajnë se Milan Radojçiç, është ndaluar për 48 orë i akuzuar si organizatori i sulmit terrorist në Banjskë të Zveçanit.

Two sons alienate their mother’s property in cooperation with the state Cadastre officials

29/06/2022 21:29

At the request of the Tirana prosecutor’s office, the court has suspended seven cadastral registry officials on suspicion of abuse of office by alienating a property in the capital Tirana and then legalizing it as a hotel.

The prosecutors in the capital were set in motion by the report of the citizen, who reportes her two sons, who had to pay the elderly a monthly pension of 500 euros after real estate agreement transactions.

Brothers Elvis and Endri Turtulli not only deceived their mother but also alienated the destination of the property by deleting the name of the elderly woman from the co-ownership. After the investigation, the court imposed on them the measure ‘obligation to appear.’

The Tirana Prosecutor’s Office said that for the building in question, the parties had been provided with a certificate of ownership since 1995, when they were teenagers, and claimed that the property was registered according to the laws of the time.

For the state officials who cooperated, only the suspension was carried out depending on the course of investigation.

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