Two former Socialist MPs form new party, “Libra”

01/11/2016 00:00

“Freedom, knowledge and balance”, this is the motto of the newest party
created by MP Ben Blushi and his colleague, Mimoza Hafizi.

Other Socialist supporters have also joined the party formed by the two former SP Parliament Members. The new party is “Libra”, and yellow is its symbol color.

“Libra will be yellow, convinced that the red color impoverished us for 50 years, blue for 20 and purple for 3”, Blushi said.

Blushi promised to be different from other traditional parties, and said he will involve his political force with all citizens.

“We are united by an idea, not by a person. The decision that come based on an idea are more righteous than those that come from a man. We have an idea that has turned into inspiration and good will, and this idea is Libra”, Blushi declared.

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