“Traitor, trash”; Moments when Basha is shot with eggs before meeting with DP women

18/01/2022 20:38

Leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, was today in a conversation with ladies and women in the framework of the electoral process of the Democratic Women’s Movement, but was greeted with insults and egg shots by his opponents, seemingly supporters of Democratic Party rival, Sali Berisha.

With the shouts “Basha go” and “Traitor, garbage, filth”, they shot him with eggs, but Basha continued to his the meeting.

There he also mentioned the incident: “It would have been different if all this language that was used especially in relation to the ladies, the women of the Democratic Party, was used by this handful of people which we have not even seen in the campaign against Rama.

“Of course I want to see more ladies as party head of branches, we have few, but what we have, are an example of what a democratic lady or lady can do, when she puts her heart, soul and person to the mission that this party, the mission this political family has”, said Basha among other things.

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