Tourism of Voskopoja

10/08/2013 00:00

Voskopoja, a tourist village where visitors can find an excellent green
landscape filled with local culture, is having more visitors each year.

The village has attracted Albanian citizens who have abandoned the traditional beach holidays for something different.

The village looks like a small paradise where you can enjoy nature and the clean air, and where you can see closely an ancient culture with old churches and causeway roads.

Voskopoja is only 18 kilometers from Korce and the road infrastructure is favoring for this tourist location.

The head of the commune, Nexhip Bacelli, confirms that Voskopoja has welcomed 10.000 tourists while they are taking measures for improving the conditions so that the village can leave better impressions for the visitors.

The village also has foreign tourists, who are oriented by guides and are organized to visit the areas of natural beauty and the culture monuments.

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