Tourism approaching 2019 levels; Polish tourists return, more vacationers from Kosovo, fewer returns of expats

24/07/2021 20:30

Albanian tourism is advancing towards pre-crisis levels, mainly thanks to entries from Albanian-speaking areas.

According to official figures, 604 thousand citizens entered our country during June, about 3.4 times more than in 2020, and only 4% less than in 2019.

Meanwhile, there are 335 thousand Albanian expats who have come for visits and vacations in our country, a number also lower than in 2019.

Kosovars are at the top of the citizens who come for tourism in Albania, in numbers about 62% more than in 2019. Many of them live in places like Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and due to the removal of coronavirus restrictions, Albania continues to be their favorite place to go on holiday.

They are followed by citizens of Northern Macedonia who also had a slight increase of 1% and occupy the second place in terms of entries in Albania.

From European Union countries, Polish tourists have had the largest return to our country. Nearly 20 thousand citizens came from there, but they are still 23% less than in 2019.

There was an increase in entries from Switzerland.

Germany, Italy and Greece had a strong decline with arrivals in our country. Meanwhile, about 370 thousand Albanians left our country in June to spend holidays abroad.

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