Topi: Himara, symbol of cooperation

23/08/2011 19:35

The smile of the Albanian President betrays his thoughts. President
Bamir Topi shook hands with the new staff of Himara Municipality, and
this was something more than just a procedure.

Himara, a source of tensions in the past, made a calm rotation of power in these local elections. For this reason, the President expressed his conviction that there will be no blocking from the Council, as it has happened in other municipalities until some time ago.

“The new Mayor and the new head of the Municipal Council, although they represent different political forces should cooperate with each other in order to create a healthy philosophy for making the local administration work”, Topi emphasized.

But the President refuses to comment about the OSCE-ODIHR report, avoiding taking any position for the election standards. As for the Constitutional amends, he promises that if there will be amends, his stance will be within the powers given to him by the Constitution:

“The President has the right to express himself in the last moment with his decree. But the political parties, when they have made Constitutional amends, have not asked the President. This doesn’t mean that in the future the President will not take his stance”, Topi declared.

The Albanian President highlighted the urgent need of political cooperation, on behalf of the European future of the country. For this he said that the next parliamentary season will be extremely important.

But until then, there is still time for vacations. This Wednesday morning the President will be in Saranda, while in the evening he will have a family dinner with the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga.

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