Top Channel’s crew attacked filming Hydropower Plant construction in Valbona

13/07/2018 18:04

Several people attacked Top Channel’s crew in Bajram Curr, as they were trying to shoot and gather material about the hydropower plant construction in Valbona by the Gener 2 firm, which has not suspended its activity, although there is a court verdict for them to do so.

Journalist Endrit Habilaj reports: “Our crew was filming when we identified an environmental massacre in the area. The water is heavily polluted by inert materials that are thrown here. Although there is a decision from the Court of Appeal for suspending the works, it is going on intensively here. Three persons approached the operator and started offending us. They attacked the crew member who was controlling a drone. They even took his phone”, the journalist said, adding that the attack came from persons responsible for the security of the firm.

“We have filed a criminal report at the Prosecution. One of the persons who was identified is Mohamet Gjongeca, a relative of the former Chief of Police, Erzen Brecani”, the journalist said.

Depite the incident, Top Channel’s crew will realize the documentary and will bring facts about what is really happening with one of Albania’s natural pearls.


Top Channel