Tighter measures for University professors

27/07/2011 00:00

Part-time university professors, who also work in other state
administrations, will be allowed to teach only four academic hours per
week. The latest decision of the Council of Ministers obliges these
employees to sign a prior agreement with their superior, and they are
not allowed to teach more than four hours per week, from six that they
used to give in the past.

The decisions emphasized that if the state employees will teach these four hours within the working hours of the other state administration job, they will have to replace this lost time during the week.

The Prime Minister’s adviser, Bardh Musai, declared that this measure was taken for not allowing abuses with jobs within the administration. Tirana University has a low number of part-time professors who also have another job in the state administration, but it is higher in the universities of other districts. Public universities pay part-time and full-time professors with the revenues received by the students.

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