The mystery of the abandoned yacht continues as Top Channel finds the name of the real owner

09/09/2019 19:28

The Albanian border police found an abandoned luxury yacht 12 miles from the Shengjin Port. Inside there were the documents of a Turkish citizen, Sevgin Yavuz. This led the police to think that he was the owner, but it couldn’t be confirmed.

Police is looking for Javuz, in cooperation with their colleagues in Ankara and Interpol Tirana, but Top Channel has learned that the real owner of the yacht is another Turkish citizen, called Atik Bey.

According to official data, the yacht has been in Croatia in the past day. On July 3rd, the owner of this yacht, Atik Bey, has been in NAXO, Greece.

Last year, the company that sold the catamaran yacht has posted a picture with the name of the yacht and the owner.

However, it remains unclear whether it was Sevgin Yavuz or someone else sailing the yacht that day.


Top Channel