Tax Office fines businesses without fiscal case bills

06/09/2011 08:20

The Tax Office administration has reminded once again the usage
of the fiscal cases, now present in 90% of the active businesses, before
implementing the new project for installing the equipments that monitor
the fiscal cases online.

The Tax Office appealed the business subjects once again to release the fiscal bill to the clients, or they will be fined up to 500.000 ALL, or even having their activity suspended for 6 months.

“We have had three cases with businesses that have not used the fiscal case and have not released the bill to the client. The law provides penalties that could go to the suspension of the activity”, the Tax Office declared.

The failure to release the tax bill is an action that favors dishonest competition and impedes the improvement of goods and services, by also offending the buyers dignity.

The news comes from “Shqip” newspaper.

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