Supreme Court, softer measure against Elvis Rroshi

12/10/2016 14:00

The Mayor of Kavaja, Elvis Rroshi, will not stay any longer under house
arrest, but he will be free on probation until the Prosecution completes
the investigations.

The decision was issued by the Supreme Court, which reviewed the security measure given by the Court of Appeal, which left him in house arrest.

The case of his arrest was mentioned earlier by the PAMECA mission, which criticized the work of the Prosecution, but it was not commented by the defending lawyers.

The Mayor fo Kavaja is under investigation for the decriminalization law and for forging the self-declaration application.

The Prosecution claims that Rroshi has hidden his convictions in Switzerland and Italy, where the official is suspected of using five different names.

He was left in house arrest for family reasons, while the Supreme Court softened the measure against him since there are no founded doubts.

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