Students are afraid of the vaccine/ Doctors: Disoriented by information on social networks

14/10/2021 20:33

Although the new academic year was postponed to October 18 for this week to serve for mass vaccination of students, the inoculation points near the faculties are empty, due to the low interest of students.

The condition to attend lectures is to be vaccinated but it is not known if on Monday the auditoriums will remain empty again.

“To be honest, there is not much interest. They come and ask but hesitate. Today only 3 students were vaccinated. Yesterday 5 students with astrazeneca and coronavac vaccine, which are selected for the faculties. Students are also misled by the wrong information they receive from each other or on social networks”, sais the doctor at the vaccination point.

Unvaccinated students continue to have the same belief and doubt about the vaccine even though they risk losing the academic year. They emphasize that the pleasure of watching matches in the stadium, or dance in the pub is not hindered by the vaccine card, while to knowledge and learning barriers are set.

“I do not believe I will do it. We asked as a group to have online lessons, we will see if it will be approved… “, said one interviewed student.

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