Stone quarry continues to operate amid houses, even after the decision of the municipality and court

18/05/2022 19:46

Residents of a neighborhood in Kuçova in central Albania continue to live in the midst of dust and noise, although the local government and the court have ordered the closure close a quarry which operates in the middle of a residential area near the Dimal-Kuçova highway.

From February 16, 2021, the investigative show “Fiks Fare” reported the this quarry, when the residents stated that the factory has large saws that make noise and dust, when operated in an uninsulated place.

“There is a stone workshop in this neighborhood near our apartments. Makes a lot of noise cutting large stones. Makes dust and institutions do not take action. It has become impossible to live from the noise that lasts up to 12 hours. We have complained everywhere, but the Municipality of Kuçova stated that the workshop is labeled as ‘small business’ thus can continue to operate”, state the inhabitants.

Authorities suspended the workshop for several months, but then work resumed, and residents said it noise and pollution was “worse than Covid”.

At that time, Fiks Fare also filmed the workshop, which made indeed a lot of noise, while when asked about the noise, the manages suggested that “residents put on headphones”.

The local government had made some inspections, but by February 2021 they had not taken any measures.

Meanwhile, 15 months later, the residents again ask for the help of the “Fiks Fare” and this time the institutions were set in motion. The Municipality of Kuçova closed the activity but with another decision the court allowed the work in this workshop. A lawyer in the Municipality of Kuçova said that a decision says that “the work should continue until a final decision” by the court and currently the residents still do not have a solution.


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