Special court seizes eight apartments in Orikum and two bank accounts of the Albanian trafficker convicted in Belgium

21/06/2024 15:50

The special anti-corruption court decided to confiscate the assets of the Albanian drug trafficker convicted in Belgium, Veip Osmënaj.

Eight apartments in Orikum near tha Vlora coast, and two bank accounts have been confiscated on his name and that of his family members, it was said in the announcement.

According to the announcement of the SPAK special prosecutor’s office, was stated: “For the Prevention and Punishment of Organized Crime, Trafficking and Corruption through Preventive Measures against Property, the Prosecutor’s Office has registered the property proceedings against the citizen Veip Ormënaj and his family members.

“This property proceeding was created after the person convicted by the judicial authorities of Belgium for the criminal offenses of ‘Trafficking in narcotic substances’ and ‘Participation in a criminal organization’, provided by the criminal legislation of the Kingdom of Belgium.

After carrying out property investigations, it turned out that the citizen Veip Ormënaj owned movable and immovable assets, which are not justified by his legal sources of income and which are suspected to be the product of his criminal activity, Albanian officials added.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office submitted to the Special Court the request for the confiscation of the movable and immovable assets of the citizen Veip Ormënaj, which was approved.

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