SP in power convenes the presidency for appointment of socialist candidates who will compete in the May 14 elections

25/03/2023 21:00

This afternoon at the headquarters of the SP, the presidency led PM Rama gathered to choose the final list of the candidates, with which the socialists will compete in the local elections on May 14.

It is interesting to see who they choose to run for the municipality of Fushë Kruja, whether we will try a re-election of Arthur Bush who led the reconstruction proces after the 2019 earthquake.

It is also expected to find a candidate for Bulqiza after the arrest for corruption of former mayor Lefter Alla, as well as for Librazhdi, Kuçova and Dimali which has not been decided yet.

It remains for the presidency to choose who will compete in Himara, whether they will have a re-candidacy of the current mayor, as it will also be decided for Divjaka, while as for other municipalities, about 80% of the incumbents will compete again, it is learned.

According to the information from southwestern district of Vlora, two deputies of this district have shown the ambition to run for elections and to some extent they had started the campaign, but this was not liked by PM Rama and therefore he decided that today the assembly should be convened to vote on at least two proposals.

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