SMI’s Kryemadhi admits: We made a mistake when we gave up the MP mandates! We will rise from the ashes

28/04/2021 16:21

The chairwoman of the SMI in a press conference, after the deep defeat in the April 25 elections, spoke today of a manipulated process.

In her statement she admitted that it was a mistake to give up the mandates alog with the DP, while saying that the SMI will be resurrected from the ashes.

Kryemadhi: “We had a wrong strategy since the giving up of the mandates. We will not withdraw but we will continue. The SMI will not only be in parliament but also in the protests in the square, we will continue with denunciations. As of today, to continue the battle of the electoral process, as it happened in Durrës where Rama took the mandate from SMI’s Elona Guri with only 139 votes, in Berat, Korca, Durrës everywhere, the biggest betrayal comes from these regions.

“For 140 votes we were deprived, given to Rama, 150 votes to Braimllari are given to Rama’s Peleshi, Ardit Cela or Bledi, the biggest betrayal. This process was manipulated since the unilateral constitutional changes, the intimidation of the prosecution, which is enough to see the montages in voices and conversations, see the public administration, directors, patronage militants, the whole manipulation process.

“From the ashes we will rise again and move on. Our battle is not one for a ministerial chair but for you, the young people.”

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