Security expert: Crime’s money is not being seized. What happened to the 40 gangs?

21/08/2018 21:54

Pellumb Nako is an expert on security matters. When asked about the situation of the public order in Albania, he prefers to address numbers. He starts it with the organized crime and the government’s ability to hit dark financial activities.

“Our authorities hit around 60 million EUR of criminal assets, by seizing or blocking them”, Nako says, taking as an example the 600 kg of cocaine captured in Durres.

“According to experts, this criminal group of four people has invested 120 million EUR for that quantity of cocaine.  All of our government institutions have seized a total of 60 million EUR”, Nako said.

Nako has a question about the 40 gangs that circulate in Albania, a number that was recognized by the authorities of the Interior Ministry.

“If you check the data of the State Police, only 6 to 7 gangs have been caught. What is happening with the 33 others? There was such a fuss about the Force of Law Task Force, which was advertised for several months, but it was abandoned”, Nako says, adding that this creates justified concern among citizens about their own safety on public streets.


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