Rama: Government taking private lands

26/04/2011 15:30

Tirana Mayor, Edi Rama, met the citizens of Municipal Unit no.2, who
complained about their unsolved property issues. The candidate for this
municipality is Artemon Cukalla.

“The basic vital sources have been increased. As for the private lands and properties and its territorial management, this must be stopped at any cost. A barbarian greed and misuse that is destroying the essence of our society”, Rama said.

Rama spoke with merchants at the green market, where part of the stands have been abandoned.

The Mayor of Tirana, Edi Rama, inspected the reconstruction works of the Ali Visha road, appealing the citizens to vote him and the candidates of Alliance for the Future, in order to unblock the Municipal Council.

“Despite the endless obstacles that have been artificially created by the central government, our work is continuing everywhere. After liberating the municipal council, our work will be four times greater, making a radical change at all neighborhoods”, Rama said.

After May 8th, another transformation will start, not only in Tirana, but also all over the country.

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