Rama: “Dialogue with the opposition, also for the judiciary”

10/04/2017 00:00

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said he is ready for dialogue
with the opposition, which he appealed to stop with their threats for

“Albania cannot regress, because violence is not an alternative. Threats are not a program, because this historic EU process waits for us to sit together and negotiate about accession. Our citizens are waiting for justice to be released from corrupted judges and prosecutors”, Rama said.

He underlined that for Albania it is important to have dialogue with the opposition, but without turning it into an endless game.

“We must sit and discuss to find a solution. A solution for what the opposition claims, within the Constitution. Not only for free and fair elections, but to decide the path of European Albania”, Rama said.

For the Prime Minister, Justice is the key word of this process: “We cannot have an European Albania without an European justice. We cannot have an European Albania through violent threats”, Rama said.

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