Rama continues campaign at Unit 7

26/04/2011 19:40

The socialist Party Leader, Edi Rama, continued the campaign at Municipal Unit 7.

He declared that Tirana is transformed into the city where every Albanian dreams to raise his children.

Rama challenged his opponents, declaring that they do not have a successful model that can be compared with the cities managed by the Socialist Party.

“Tirana is the city where any citizens dreams of raising his children. All children of this area have come from every corner of Albania, but even though they will never forget where they came from, they will be the citizens of our European Tirana. I believe that with everything that we dream, project and realize for Tirana, we should never forget that we are here for the dreams and hopes of these children”, Rama declared.

“This has been an old field where life used to be very difficult. Now it has turned into an area where the apartment’s value has multiplied, thanks to this extraordinary investment that is a value itself, not only for the Municipality, but for the entire city. We have a new promenade, for all ages”, Rama emphasized.

“It is impossible to leave without mentioning those who robbed the Albanians and killed them in order to keep stealing, and now are going around Albania, asking the vote of the people. Berisha and Meta have chosen the way of failure on May 8th. I invite them to show us a city or a commune where they have brought such transformations that can be compared to us, and explain the citizens why they should vote for them”, Rama declared.

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