Rainfall floods roads in Durrës, problems and electricity stoppages in villages of the country

06/12/2021 15:26

The rains which started on Sunday and are expected to last until Monday, have caused problems in some parts of the country.

The Albanian Road Authority has asked the citizens to be careful even though the maintenance contractors have been at work cleaning the falling stones or inert waste in the body of the road and are on the ground ready for any situation.

In Durrës, water has caused problems on several road axes within the coastal city.

Several road junctions in neighborhoods no. 1, no. 18 and in the area of ​​Plazhi e Shkozet.

150-200 ha of land was flooded in the Muriqani plain, which was caused as a result of the water coming out of the “Balvader” stream.

It is learned that the irrigation canal coming from Berdica is a source of floods in the area of ​​Darragji.

There are no problems in the northern Puka municipality due to rain.

In Vau i Dejes, as a result of the rains, floods of agricultural lands in Bushat and Hajmel have been reported, as well as lack of electricity in some villages of this administrative unit.

In the municipality of Malësi e Madhe, the concern is the lack of electricity, mainly in the units of Kastrat, Kelmend and Gruemirë.

Berdolec road is passable but there is still heavy snowfall.

The Rrjollli stream in the village of ‘Kçar i Poshtëm is also a concern.

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